June 12, 2018

5 More Ways to Have Fun While Boating

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The first few days of a new boat in your life are filled with excitement. But do you need a few ideas on what could keep you having fun with your boat? Here are 5 ways to have fun while boating that will keep you all the more enthusiastic.



One of the more interesting activities. As a fact, every lake has an unofficial gathering spot somewhere near the boating area. It is where you find your opportunity to socialize and share with everyone the pleasures of your boating experience. It is only a matter of time you find the right kind of people to mingle with. Meet the fellow boaters in your local areas by joining these ‘party coves’. Coving is probably the best way to enjoy the boating lifestyle without even having to use any fuel.



If fishing seems too mainstream, why not try golfishing? It is a perfect blend of fishing and golfing for an exuberant experience. Just gather the fishing tools, some golf clubs, an inner tube and biodegradable golf balls and you are all set to start golfishing.


Scavenger hunting

A scavenger hunt is a fun way to spend your time on the waters. It is a game where you can stop at different destinations to pick up clues to keep moving forward until you reach your final destination. Collect all the items from each stop to finally find the treasure that awaits you in the end. Try getting as creative as you can, you may also dress up like a pirate to solve the mysteries or the clues. This is surely a fun activity for family and friends while boating.


Water sports

It is fun to get involved in water sports while enjoying your boating trips. No doubt it is exciting when you ride the boat but it is equally exciting to skim along the water on the latest towable. Hang on for a ride in an inflatable as inflatables do not require much of an athletic skill or balance to hold on. You could also try going for skiing, surfing or knee-boarding, which are some of the most popular water sports. These are only a few of the ways you can enjoy your time in the waters by soaring high or experiencing the thrill of surfing.



Boating opens a number of ways through which one can explore the seas that includes the reefs and wrecks. With just some basic equipment like a snorkel mask, swimming glasses, wet suit and flippers look for a spot to anchor your boat and dive in to enjoy your very own snorkelling adventure. Deep sea snorkelling, however, requires a license and special equipment.


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