October 12, 2018

5 Must-Follow Boating Etiquette Rules

The water is similar to the roads on which we drive our vehicles. We pay attention to what’s around us, we practice good parking, and we follow the proper ‘water rules’. Being on the boat is invigorating and oftentimes we may forget that we have a responsibility as mariners. Boating accidents happen every year. Here are 5 simple to remember rules for proper boating etiquette.


Be courteous when being overtaken/overtaking. Provide enough room for slower boats to avoid rocking and disturbance to the wake. Perhaps you’re being overtaken by another boat. Be willing to slow down and let them pass. Racing your boat on choppy waters in not safe.

Anchoring and Mooring

When arriving at an anchorage or moore, slow your speed, and be careful not to create a wake that will upset your neighbors. Also don’t park too closely to your neighbors. The weather changes frequently, causing an updraft in wind, causing the boats to shift and collide with one another. Be cautious of wake when docking. Slow down and take your time not to disrupt your fellow mariners.

Don’t Mess the Dock Area

When you dock, be sure all of the lines are properly tied up neatly so no one trips. Your gear should be stowed safely away and not laying in the walkway in the way of someone walking along the dock. It isn’t safe or proper boat etiquette to leave your belongings strewn across the dock for very long.

Have Fun, Be Decent

When you invite guests to party or mingle on your boat, be aware that not everyone wants to see your friends in a thong or speedo. While your guests are more than welcome to have fun, they are also encouraged to remain modest while docked at your anchorage. For the sake of limited space, explain that your guests need to bring their own duffle bag and non-skid shoes for the occasion. Especially if you plan to go inland, you want them to dress according to the climate and the event they’re planning to attend. This rule applies to excess alcohol drinking.

Mindful of Launch Time

Be courteous with your time on the ramp. Whether unloading or reloading, don’t dock for too long. Keep in mind that someone will always be looking to use the ramp so use your time wisely.

Whether or not you’re a boat owner or a guest, practicing these tips will keep you safe and in good standing with the rest of the mariners around your dock. Keep your boat in good hands while you’re away and take advantage of our trusted indoor boat storage Stuart units today! Call Riverwatch Marina for details!

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