August 27, 2018

A Step-by-Step Guide to Boat Detailing Like a Pro

white boat with red stripe in green water off of island

Boats are an amazing addition to our lives as they help us explore the water and spend some peaceful relaxing time. You do not want your boat to look dirty when the weather finally allows you some boating activity. Bring your boat back to its former glory with the following boat detailing tips:

Start with a rinse

Give your boat a healthy spray of clean water. This removes any loose debris from the surface. Start cleaning from the top of the boat and make your way to the bottom. Do remember that this does not give the boat a complete clean look. It is simply to remove the loose bits on the surface of the boat. A pressure washer is an added bonus for rinsing although a good hose works just fine. Right after washing, dry the fiberglass areas of the boat.


Use a specialized boat cleaner to remove the more stubborn dirt from the boat’s surface. If the soap dries on the surface of the boat, it may leave horrible streaks. Clean small areas at a time before moving to the next stop. The protective treatment can be applied later. But the quality of that protection of course depends on how good the cleaning preparation is beforehand.


After the above two steps the outside surface of your boat will be looking much better although a little dull. (After all, it has spent so much time on the water!). To bring back a like new shine, you need to buff out the exterior surface either by hand or with a rotary buffer. This removes oxidation and prepares the boat for the waxing stage.


Boat waxing protects the surface of the boat against debris and grime and makes it more attractive. Along with shining up the surface, waxing requires you to detail the boat less often. Waxing gives your boat a showroom shine. Concentrate on only the small areas at a time as you buff off the wax. There are specialized boat waxes that prevent fading and chalking caused by the sun.

For the ones who like to fiddle with their boats, a boat detailing is the prime thing to consider. Get your toy looking in its best shape for all the summer fun. We hope the above boat detailing tips help to make your detailing journey easier.

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