January 1, 2019

Boat Shoes and Why You Need Them

That family boat vacation is all you can think about lately. What to pack is naturally a part of that thought. Clothing and apparel aren’t the first things that cross your mind when you’re planning a boat trip but they are often the most important elements of your trip. Especially your shoes. Shoes that are designed specifically for boating are an essential part of your day on the water as they are are considered a safety element. Here are some reasons why you should leave the sandals for the beach.

More Than a Fad

The boat shoe trend goes way back to 1930’s when a popular boatman, Paul Sperry, discovered that the herringbone lines on his dogs feet gripped the wet deck with ease. He assumed that this same pattern could be mimicked to provide sailors with a similar benefit and came up with the Sperry brand boat shoes you find in stores today. Boat shoes provide an easy way for boaters and sailors to get around without slipping.

Boaters all over the world are including these handy-dandy boat shoes in their must-have safety list.

Secured Comfort

Boat shoes not only provide the protection you need to keep you safe while on the open sea, but they are comfortable. These shoes are lightweight and offer maximum support with shock absorbing heel cups. You can still have a stylish pair of boat shoes while playing it safe.

Keeps a Clean Deck

Most shoes, sneakers or dress shoes, have darker rubber soles which leave scuff marks and dark streaks, making the boat look unclean. These dark marks also act as slippery lines in the hot sun making it slippery when stepped on and also make it more difficult to clean.

Prevents Injury

Slips and falls happen on boats. But they can be minimized on the boat when wearing boat shoes. These shoes are equipped with rubber soles in a herringbone pattern for easy gripping. When the waves come in, you’ll be prepared to deal with the rocking motion of the boat with good, secure traction.

Hook Line and Sinker

The bottom line is that you need security while on a boat, regardless of how long or who’s aboard. Heels, sandals, and sneakers aren’t ideal for any length of time. Nowadays you can find a variety of boating shoes that fit your needs and occasions. Your boat marina in Stuart may suggest the right fit, too.

It’s easy to get swept away with the excitement of boating with friends or family. But proper apparel and clothing is a must to ensure safety for you and your crew. When you need assistance regarding proper boat attire, boat slips, and even dock station information, your local marina in Stuart knows about more than just boat storage. Riverwatch Marina has been supplying the Stuart area for many years. They offer new and used equipment and provide exceptional boat storage for any size craft. Whether you’re an experienced boater or inquiring about rentals, contact them today to have all your boating questions answered.

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