September 11, 2019

Buying Used Outboard Motors: Everything You Need to Know

Outboard motors are one of the most reliable propulsion systems on the water. If well cared for, they can also have a long lifespan with many models running for 1,500 hours or more before requiring a significant amount of maintenance. If you’re in the market for used outboard motors for sale in Stuart, Fla. here are a few things you should keep in mind when you’re shopping. 

Ask the right questions 

If you’ve found an outboard motor for sale in Stuart, Fla. and you’re heading over to check it out, be sure to ask the right questions. Ask the seller why they’re selling, if they’ve upgraded, if they no longer have use for the motor, if it’s caused them any significant problems, what maintenance has been done on the engine and how long they’ve had it. Based on the seller’s answer to these questions, you’ll be able to tell how well-cared-for the motor is and if there are any significant red flags that you should pay close attention to during your visual inspection.  

Close visual inspection

After your initial conversation with the seller, spend some time conducting an extensive visual inspection of the motor. If you don’t know motors well, or aren’t generally the handy type, consider taking someone along with you who is that can take care of this part for you. If you’re spending the money on an outboard motor, you want to be sure you’re making a good investment. 

During the visual inspection, remove the cowling from the motor. Once uncovered, you want to look for any signs of damage, watermarks, corrosion, oil seepage, and closely inspect the gaskets and seals. Check the dipstick for oil quality and check for any bare wiring, or wiring sealed together with electrical tape.  

Look for dependable brands

The best brands of outboards motors are often a thing of personal opinion, and the most popular brands can often have a price tag that follows suit. Honda and Yamaha motors tend to be the most highly rated by experts in the field. Mercury and Evinrude also get quality marks and are common, go-to brands for used motor purchases.  

Be sure the motor suits your needs

Boat motors fall within one of two categories – two-stroke and four-stroke. This distinction used to mean a lot more than it does today because motor manufacturers have improved the fuel efficiency and performance of their machines tremendously. Historically, two-stroke engines were more powerful but were not as friendly to the environment, while four-stroke engines weren’t quite as powerful but have better fuel economy. 

Whichever you choose, you want to be sure that the horsepower it exerts is enough to power whatever marine activities you plan on doing. If you plan on powering a large boat, take that into consideration when purchasing your motor or multiple motors. If you plan on pulling skis, tubes, large groups of people and the like, you’ll want a little extra power for that too. Armed with a little bit of knowledge, you’ll be sure to make a smart investment when it comes to buying your used outboard motor in Stuart, Fla. 

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