May 14, 2019

Small Boat Repairs: Tips and Tricks

Boat owners know how important performing routine maintenance is, but even more so, they know how expensive serious boat repairs can be. As a responsible boat owner you want to make sure your water vessel is working properly and safely, but it is not always the easiest to catch every repair your boat needs. These easy to follow tips and tricks can help you keep your boat properly maintained while also identifying when you need to take your boat in to be repaired.

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Keep your gel coat clean

The paint job and gel coating of your boat is what keeps it looking nice and shiny. Washing and waxing the exterior of your boat is an important maintenance step you can easily complete on your own. However, even the most diligent boat owners will notice stains or rust on their boat’s exterior at one point or another. Luckily this repair is an easy fix and if you are into a little DIY project, this is an easy one to complete. To get rust stains out of your boat’s gel coat you will need something a little stronger than elbow grease, but not much more. If you purchase an acid base cleaning solution it’s a very similar process to getting a stain out of your carpet. You simply spray the cleaner on the stain, let the solution work it’s magic and then wipe off the cleaner once the stain is removed. It really is that easy!

Turn your attention to your engine

The engine is the most important part of your boat, which is why routine maintenance is imperative to avoiding costly repairs. The first thing you can do to make sure your engine stays running is to check the oil. Like a car, boats require oil changes and constant monitoring. A simple task you can perform on your boat is to lubricate the moving parts of the boat with anti-corrosive. This will keep salt crystals from forming around your engine, which will affect the engine efficiency.

You should also flush your boat engine after every outing. This will help keep the interior of your engine free and clear of any debris you picked up along the way. Flushing out your engine is a simple preventative measure you can take to keep your boat from needing repairs. If you do end up having engine troubles and you haven’t been performing regular maintenance you may need to bring in your boat in for a repair. Unfortunately, unless you are a seasoned boating DIY-er you will most likely need to take your boat into your local marina for engine repairs.

DIY with marine grade parts

Not all boating parts are created equal, so if you want to perform your own repairs on your boat do not skimp on quality. While marine grade parts are more expensive they will last longer and are less likely to break while in open water. Investing in the proper tools and parts when repairing your own water vessel will ensure you and your passengers are not put in a dangerous situation caused by a low-grade part malfunction.

There are many small boat repairs you can perform yourself, but for serious repairs you should consult a professional. Now you might be wondering, ‘where can I find a boat repair place near me?’ Well, you’re in luck because Riverwatch Marina is in your area! Schedule your appointment today and see how they can help you with your boat repair needs.

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