June 5, 2019

The Social Benefits of Docking Your Boat at a Marina

The benefits of owning a boat are endless. Not only are boats a great mode of transportation in Stuart, Florida, but they also act as a source of entertainment and socialization for boat marina patrons.

One of the best things about storing your boat in a marina in Stuart includes the many socialization opportunities presented to you. For one, there is probably no other place in Stuart besides the boat marina that has the same volume of people who share a common interest in boating. A boat marina guarantees that anyone hanging around there either has a boat and/or has a passion for boating. Just being around like-minded individuals opens your personal life up to new friendships, and what better way to break the ice than sharing the same interest?

Aside from being surrounded by people who share the same hobby as you, a boat marina has many more social benefits. Boats are a great place to host friends, family and even business meetings. While some boats can only hold a couple of people, there are boats that can hold dozens. One of the benefits of being an active, social member of your local marina is you have all sizes of boats accessible to you. Some marinas even have a boating club that allows you to rent boats of various sizes depending on your party’s size.

Just walking around you boat’s marina is a social benefit in it of itself. Boats take a lot of attention and maintenance which usually means people are always around and working on their sea vessels. Next time you are wandering the docks of your marina, strike up a conversation with a fellow sailor or better yet offer to help them. Talking with other boaters allows you to share your knowledge and stories while also learning from your fellow captains.

A common sight you might find around your marina is a houseboat. These types of boats are exactly what they sound like, homes that are boats. People who own these boats pay the marina a monthly fee (just as you would pay rent on a home) and then live on their boat year round. Due to this houseboat community, many marinas put on social hours or events for their customers. These events usually include food, drinks and some sort of activity, but the real benefit? You get to mingle with folks who possibly love boating just as much as you do!

Lastly, marinas are typically located on waterfronts that are surrounded by local shops and restaurants. While hanging out at the marina is always fun, it’s nice to socialize in a different setting from time to time. The local restaurants and shops are well aware of their marina client base and usually cater towards that crowd. The satellite reception isn’t always the best in the open water, so it’s nice to head to your marina’s local bar or pub to meet up with some fellow boaters to watch the game. Visiting and supporting the local businesses surrounding the marina, can also give you some insight into other social events and activities that are happening in the area.

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