July 10, 2019

What Are the Main Types of Boat Lifts?

If you live in Florida, you know how fun the perfect day on a boat is. Whether you’re pulling the kids around on a tube, fishing, or just going for a cruise, boating brings much joy to everyone. And as much as we wish we could boat every day of the year, unfortunately our boats aren’t meant for that.

Storing boats in the water all the time causes damage and decreases the value, which leads to more maintenance and work. This is why boat lifts are crucial for boat owners. Boat lifts help you keep your boat in good condition for a long time and enjoy the water for even longer. With this being said, if you own a boat and don’t have a boat lift yet, learn more about the different types of lifts through this comprehensive guide. 

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Standing boat lift

A standing boat lift includes cantilevered, hydraulic, or crank-wheel lifts. They sit on the seafloor and raise the boats upward.


・They are relatively low cost.

・They work in shallow water.

・They are somewhat portable.

・They keep the boats high and dry in steady water.


・They don’t work in deep water.

・They can only withstand minor water fluctuations.

・They are not for most rented marina slips.

・They don’t work for muddy, rocky, or inconsistent seafloors.

Construction boat lift

A construction-type boat lift includes four post-lifts, elevator lifts, and davits. The installation is usually done by skilled marine contractors with pile-drivers.


・Keeps the boats high in the air, above rough water.

・High quality and durable.

・Fairly reasonable cost if you have an existing infrastructure.


・Installation must be done by professionals often with the permitting process.

・Not meant to be modular, expendable, or portable.

・Restrictive access to the boat for boarding, covering, and cleaning.

・Mechanical parts, motors, and cables mean maintenance costs and limited life.

Floating boat lifts

Floating boat lifts come in two types; air or water displacement lifts, and hydraulic lifts. They work well in salt water areas as steel parts are kept above water.


・Safe and user-friendly

・Portable, expendable, and modular system

・Durable and high-density construction

・Prevents boat corrosion

・Virtually maintenance free

・Floats with changing water levels


・They can be heavier than stationary docks.

Bottom line

Choosing the right boat lift in Stuart is very important to maximize your boat’s life. If you have any questions about which boat lift to choose, Riverwatch Marina in Stuart can offer expert guidance. Contact us today for all your boating necessities!

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