May 5, 2018

What Type of Boat is Right for You?

From sail boats to cabin cruisers, if you are someone who is considering purchasing a water-based ride, you should first become acquainted with the various types of boats according to your needs and sustainability. Here is a list of the top 10 boat types, one of which is sure to fit you just right.

  1. Deck Boats

This is the type of boat you might go for if you are looking for some quality time with your family and friends and/or for a vacation. With their rounding width and beam at the front, these boats have a very adaptable seating arrangement that maintain the inherent V shape of the boat.

Size: 25-30 feet

  1. Dinghies

These boats have small outboard engines and are very low maintenance. Where used as a rowboat, a dinghy has a pointed bow and a round bottom. For the racing dinghies, the boats may be equipped with sails, a small engine and more often a centreboard. Life rafts also fall under the category of dinghies.

Size: 7-12 feet

  1. Pontoon Boats

Pontoons are basically boats with a flat structure at the bottom but are the type that have a steady balance. Powered by an outboard engine and in some cases by oars and paddles, these boats are popularly used as ferries to cross short distances such as rivers, and usually have a supporting platform.

Size: 12-14 feet

  1. Runabouts

Runabouts are powerboats, powered by a drive engine with only a few seats (at most 10 in most cases). These boats owing to their smaller size, are mostly used for pleasure activities such as racing, water skiing, and fishing.

Size: 14-24 feet

  1. Sail Boats

Smaller than most, these are propelled entirely by the wind. They come in various types such as cutter, ketch, catboat, etc. (depending on the size, keel, configuration, and requirements). For the most part, they are used for recreational sailing.

Size: 7-70 feet

  1. Bowrider Boats

Also considered as a type of runabout, they are particularly used for cruising around in the daylight. These boats are certainly for riders seeking to enjoy the breeze on the waters while seated in the bow. They are also used for skiing. Bowriders are appreciated for their performance, versatility, unique features, and performance that they have to offer.

Size: 16-35 feet

  1. Cabin Cruiser boats

With this type of boat boats, one should expect a comfortable cruising experience with all the amenities on board – which may include a kitchen, toilet and sleeping amenities. You can also enjoy taking a shower or washing the dishes. These boats come with inboard or outboard engines and depending on the model, they are even capable of handling uneven water.

Size: 24 -75 feet

  1. Bass Boats

Bass boats are low maintenance boats and are rowed in shallow water, mostly for fishing. Usually they can accommodate a maximum of 3 or 4 people.

Size: 16- 25 feet

  1. Sport fishing boat

These boats are especially used when one goes fishing for larger fish. With a spacious arrangement within the boat, sport fishing boats can stay in the water for a longer period of time and thus are used for longer fishing trips.

Size: 38-100 feet

  1. Jet boats

Jet boats are water sports boats that are propelled by a jet of water ejected from the back of water. They can be either used for fast riding or a relaxing cruise experience. The seats in these boats are provided at the front and back.

Size: 14-16 feet

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