March 5, 2019

What’s a Marina Slip?

Whether you’re an experienced sailor or a boat enthusiast, it’s important to understand common boat etiquette and terms for operating your boat. You don’t just pull your boat into a marina without proper docking technique. You have the choice of using the dock, repair slip or fuel slip and it’s important to understand the use of each. Whether you prefer a finger slip, main pier, or float, take a look at how a marina slip works and ties into your boating etiquette.

‘Slipping’ into Basics

A slip or ’wet slip’ is bound by piers or surrounding land, and can service many vessels at once by providing a docking place conveniently located in a small area. All three sides of this area provide shelter for maneuvering vessels. This breaks up the swells that are entering the marina or harbor. The total number of boat slips in a facility will be determined by the space where the boat is moored or used for embarking or disembarking. For example when you dock your boat at a marina in Stuart, a facility should provide a 60-foot single pier with boats that are moored in parallel to that Pier on both sides. According to the United States Access Board, the table shows that a 40 foot and minimum width of 60 inch of clear space must be determined for one slip to be accessible.

A slip refers to the area of water immediately next to the pier. When docking at your marina in Stuart, you’ll notice the design of the marina that includes the number of slips and docks. Large slips are used for when docks are being used for servicing such as boat parking and fueling and are found supporting docks on either side. You will find a smaller slip service for single Pier and is generally used for longer-term parking and not big enough for a single boat. And boat slips do not have to be marked the same as motor vehicle parking spaces, such as handicap parking. Adjustments need to be made for those who require wheelchair access. Facilities should hold a few spaces open for people with disabilities until all spaces are taken. When the facility is full, those remaining spots can be filled.

The Takeaway

It’s important to familiarize yourself with marinas slips, and ask questions when necessary. Understanding which slip is appropriate for your docking needs will make boating easier and convenient for you and those around you.

Whether or not you’re new to the boating scene, sometimes you need the assistance of a reputable marina in Stuart to show you around. We offer boat storage, wet slips, and services that include boat detailing, pressure wash, and much more. And when you’re looking for the perfect time to set sail, we have that information, too. Contact our staff today!

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